My Love Song For You

My love song I sing for You
It's as old as time, yet it's new
Each dawn that breaks the day
Brings new joy that lights my way

The peace You put into my heart
Does so sweetly become a part
Of this song deep in my soul
That gives me strength, makes me whole

Praise and Love to You, my King
You are my Life, my Everything
I sing my love song to You
Giving You thanks for all You do

I lift my hands to You
In total submission this I do
Singing my song once more,
To You my Lord, the One I adore







Art is by Lord Frederick Leighton

Song: 'Sanctuary'
Courtesy of 'Heavenly Midis'

Lord, prepare me to be a sanctuary
Pure and holy, tried and true
With thanksgiving, I'll be a living
Sanctuary for You

It is you, Lord
Who came to save
The heart and soul
Of every man
It is you Lord
who knows my weakness
Who gives me strength,
With thine own hand.

Lead Me on Lord
From temptation
Purify me
From within
Fill my heart with
You holy spirit
Take away all my sin

Lord, prepare me to be a sanctuary

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