The sun streams through my window
as morning dawns again.
But darkness is my friend
as another day begins.

I cover my head and close my eyes
withdrawing inside to stay.
Away from the sounds of mayhem
that comes along with my days.

Events of the world crowd my mind
of death and new life too.
The good somehow will follow the bad
a method of happenstance to carry me through.

I could linger always in this state
but my Lord always brings me out.
There's no way I can stay low
HE always makes me want to shout!

The blessings of each and every day
far outweighs the sadness and blues.
The need for heavenly nourishment
comes daily my cares to soothe.

Sadness is a state of mind
that follows me around.
But Joy Unspeakable comes into my heart
as thoughts of gladness resound.

Everlasting Life brings joy into my soul
but sadness too peeps in it's way.
That is very hard to explain, and
the human side is vulnerable to it's sway.

Remember joy is free to us all
but satan comes in to steal
I put on my coat of armor
and resist the things unreal.

The sun streams through my window
as morning dawns again.
Today the light is my friend
as another day beautifully begins!











Song "Your Majesty" by  Michael Dooley
Nubeat Music
Copyright ©Aurora Production Ltd. Artist


Candle from Photo's from Ladyoz ...
The image representing Jesus is from McHooii - Attwell Tubes

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