Silver and Gold and Thee





Lost in the dark
My arms outstretched
Walking and tripping along
But within my heart
These words are etched
"Tis not where you belong"

Blistering things
I once spoke
Anger and hate took hold
What's wrong with me
Is life a joke
Bitterness made me cold

Was I forgotten
Torn and tattered
Only darkness in my sight
There in the distance ....
Saying, I mattered
And shining bright, a light

With these words
To me, kindly spoken .....
"Don't give up, you must live
For, I do know
How your spirit is broken
But, I am always ready to forgive ...."

".... There before you
Look and see
With clear and open
Understanding sight
Follow the footsteps, left by me
I'm holding out my light."

That's the day, friend
I once again knew
For this, is what
I was shown
Jesus left a path, for me and you
Never are we left, on our own

Take these words
To your heart
Listen ...
To what I say
From us, He will never part
Jesus, really does, light the way

May God Bless You
In All That You Do!!

Kathryn Sunday Davis
© October 15 2007







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Song "Turn Your Eyes Upon Jesus" Courtesy of  Margie Harrell

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