Thank God For Hope

The year has come, the year has gone.
Many loved ones for different reasons are gone.
Our life is different it's not what we expected.
But God is still God and we are protected.

I know tonight you may be sad,
Thinking of things that are past and maybe bad.
I wish I could help to make you see
All the beauty in you, that Jesus sees.

You are beautiful and special, it's true.
I wish I could make you happy and take all that is blue.
I lift you to heaven for Him to heal.
To show you love and a life that is real.

Full of wonder and hope,
A life where you live in peace.
No more worries and no more care,
All taken care of by Jesus because He cares.

He hears our prayers and sees our tears..
He will answer precious, have no fear.
Its a new year to start over,
May God bless you with love spilling over.

Blessing, and finances, peace, and joy,
A life worth waiting for and so much more.
May you see beauty and feel hope,
Filled by His Holy Spirit to help you cope.

You are very loved, and very needed here,
May this be a Blessed and a Happy New Year.

God Bless You!.

Linda G Brooks
From the Lord,
December 31, 2007


 From Hebrew:

For the law made nothing perfect, but
the bringing in of a better hope did;
by the which we draw nigh unto God.

Faith is the substance of things hoped for,
and the evidence of things not seen.






Song: "He's Been Good To Me" Courtesy of  Hamblen and Hamblen

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