I know you're heart is broken
Though not many words were spoken
My heart weeps and cries with you
Yet I know our Lord will see you through

Frances is in the Arms of Precious Love
He took her to her home above
She didn't have to cross Jordan alone
He came for her, His very own

His timing was in His perfect plan
It was set before time ever began
There's peace in trusting in His Wisdom
You will see that in time to come

The pain was lessened for her too
So much He saved her from going through
Take comfort in these thoughts my friend
She's now at her home that has no end

She'll be there when you go through the doors
And greet you with open arms forever more
You'll be so happy to be with her there
Until then, she will rest in Jesus Loving Care

©Thursday March 13 ~ 2008

Written for, and dedicated to my precious friend Shy.









Thou, O Lord are a Shield about me, Hallelujah!

Song: "A Shield About Me"
 Courtesy of Quality Christian Midis


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