Looking at another year that's quickly passed away
With many things I left undone, waiting for another day
I thought I had lots of time for all I needed to do
But before I knew it, the year was through!

But, now I have a brand new year ahead of me In my minds eye I'm so excited as I try to see The hopes and dreams I want to come to pass As I try to see the future through my looking glass

Maybe this year I'll get to move back to the farm Oh those days of long ago had so much charm Dogs, chickens, pigs, even a goat and so much more To the farm I'll go, if I can get hubby in the mood for chores!

Or could it be that I may be a great grandmom this year? Oh a new baby in the family would be so dear! Or I could stretch my mind and learn some new stuff But please don't repeat that! It's off the cuff!

Could it be that I will be a singer of beautiful songs Or maybe play the piano like an angel as I sing along Oh those are dreams that would take a miracle to come true My heart beats a little faster as those thoughts make their debut

Maybe I could be the first woman to live on the moon Oh look out, I knew that would make you swoon! Or I could learn how to cook again just to please my man Then maybe he wouldn't think Dolly Parton looks so grand!

Learn to drive one of those race cars you say? That would be for another year, or another day! Well maybe I could be the first woman President Sarah would be so mad, but let her go to Alaska and vent!

I'm so excited about this new and fun poem I've wrote So please forgive me cause I gloat! But for the record I'd also like to say That Dolly and Sarah are as sweet as a spring bouquet! And hubby wouldn't give either one of them the time of day!


Romans 13:8
Owe no one anything except to love one another, 
for he who loves another has fulfilled the law.


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