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Miss Edna, Uninvited Guest

An uninvited visitor came to stay,
She asked no permission,
Just moved in one day.
Edna is her name.

Sneaky and mischievous,
The things she does to me,
All are so rambunctious,
Oh Pity, Pity oh poor me.

Miss Edna slipped through the wire,
When I was on the phone one day,
Now my friend suffers in her mire,
And she blames me for Edna's stay.

She will find the key someway,
To get rid of this uninvited guest,
I hope it is soon; but Edna likes to stay,
Causing trouble is what she does best.

She hides your things and gives you the slip,
Makes you doubt your sanity,
And if you can avoid her grip,
A fancy job you've done.

I won't talk to my friend,
Afraid the wire is bugged,
Fearful that Miss Edna will wend,
My way, looking e'er so smug.

E-mail is a safer bet,
Here's hoping she will slide,
Inside the letter along the net,
And our E-mail we'll delete.

Watch out Miss Edna is closing in on you!!!

Gayle Davis©
18 June 2007











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