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One day last summer I waited in the pick up while
my daughter went into the store and this poem came
to mind...Sometimes it is fun to just to sit and watch
people as they walk by....

I sit and watch the people walk by
And thoughts twirl round in my mind
Some folks are short, and some are tall
A few hurry along with kids trailing behind

Some have a bounce in their step
While others just shuffle along
Some walk so fast they almost run
And some are singing, or whistling a song

A few stand and talk to each other
Some smile and nod as they walk by
Others pass with a frown on their face
While some are waving goodbye

Many drive up in pickup trucks
While others drive fancy cars
Some get here by city bus
As they come from near and far

There was even a 55 Chevy sittin' on the lot
That pretty red car sure caught my eye!
I used to date a guy that had one looked like that
And all the gals would swoon when we drove by!

A stand outside is selling snow cones
A little boy is dragging mommy along
Mommy keeps pulling back
But the kid's grip is too strong!

So she finally gives in
And much to her dismay
Her son chooses a red snow cone
Without delay

He promptly spilled it
Down the front of his white T shirt
And some of it even spilled
On his mommy's white skirt!

Whoopppsss here comes my daughter
So I've gotta wind this up
But I'll be back one day
To give you another close up!

What fun I had these few minutes
Watching the people go by
Wish I'd took the time to get a snow cone,
I think as we drive away, and I sigh



Scripture from Proverbs:

A merry heart doeth good like a medicine:
A merry heart maketh a cheerful countenance:
He that is of a merry heart hath a continual feast.






Marble Halls

From Smick and Smodoo

Thank you John for allowing me to use your beautiful '55 'Chevy' in the top image!



Webmistress Melva

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