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Those who expect to reap the blessings of freedom,
must, like men, undergo the fatigue of supporting it.
~Thomas Paine




Spirit of the Corps

As I lay in my bed one night,
a vision did appear.
A young marine spoke out to me
His words were loud and clear

I am the Spirit of the Corps
that flows through time and space
Shaped by a strength of character,
from principles I embrace.

Iíve been around protecting you
before our nationís birth.
Iíve fought on many battlefields
at all points on this earth.

Through Montezumaís drafty halls
On sandy Tripoli shores
Wherever battles have been fought,
there will be found our Corps.

In jungle, desert, mountains, in
extremes of heat and cold
weíve fought to keep our country great,
left many tales untold.

At Belleau Wood in World War One
to heed our countryís call
In island wars of World War Two,
We saw great numbers fall.

At Koreaís Chosen Reservoir
We fought the Chinese horde
The ruthless terrorists in Iraq,
removing evil our reward.

If freedomís bell is still to ring
and honor our nationís goal,
The Spirit of the Corps should be
instilled in every soul

For current troops and future ranks,
for those whoíve gone before,
we pledge our loyalty to God,
our country and our Corps.

© Shelby Forrest











Song "This Land is Our Land"
Courtesy of Jack's Midi Music


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