Precious Mothers are gifts from the Lord,
With soft butterfly kisses,
Holding children's hearts forever more,
While keeping God's promises.

Mothers are beautiful with warm hugs,
Comforting words listening ears,
A loving touch on fevered brows and,
Teaching Jesus' Love through years.

She opens her mouth with wisdom and,
In her tongue is love's kindness,
And ''Her children rise up and call her,
Blessed'' for she's their preciousness.

Wings of love touch these Precious Mothers,
Who give the sweet breath of life,
Gracing the Earth like soaring doves free,
And happy without life's strife.

Mother's love begins before each child,
Is born singing lullabies,
Reading stories saying I love you,
Believing it satisfies.

On the faces of Mothers glowing's,
Love's radiance bursting joy,
As happiness overflows in tears,
For each little girl or boy.

Beautiful in the eyes of children,
Are Precious Mothers who give,
That priceless treasure of unending,
Love holding their hearts captive.

Showering is Love's Power Divine,
Reaching high beyond compare,
As her living gentleness sublime,
Caresses with loving care.

Mothers only get to hold children's,
Hands for just a little while,
Yet their love is unconditional,
And always filled with hope's smile.

God bless the Precious Mothers whose own,
Hearts whisper to God in prayers,
Lifting up the children to His Throne,
All loving perfumed like cares.

© Sondra McPherson
14 April 2008
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"A Happy Mother's Day to Precious Mothers"


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"Dolphin Dream's Quietude"
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