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The most loving female influence of my life was my
Grandma Nora. Those who know me realize what a huge
respect and love I have for her even though she has been
with Jesus almost 10 years now. For Mother's Day I wrote
a poem for her that I think represents what her children
would say to her on Mother's Day.


Happy Mama's Day

Mama you are too special for words
The way you care for us is so fine.
But we are going to try because we heard,
Today is YOUR DAY, because you're so kind.

You have birthed six of us now,
And each one of us are writing a verse.
I suppose since I'm the first born
That it's my place to write first.
You and Papa named me Irma Lee,
I was alone for a time but not too long.
You feed me, make my clothes and care for me,
But the love you give, puts in my heart a song.

This is your second girl, Nancy Rebekah
But somehow I get called Sissy all the time.
The nicknames started when I came along,
Aunt Rebekah is called Sissy too, so I don't mind.
You work too hard mama out in the fields,
From sun up until late at night,
Helping Papa get in that tobacco
And make sure it's cured up just right.

Mama this is Verna Mae and I love you so,
I'll never forget the sacrifice you made for me.
Easter was coming soon, a new suit I wanted to show.
You could have sewn something up you see,
But you sold the eggs from your best laying hens,
And bought the finest pink satin blouse
With a beautiful two piece blue suit,
I was the prettiest girl at the Lord's house.


Well here I am mama next to the last of the girls
You named me Quillie Louise, but everyone calls me Duck.
Boy I am the one who keeps you in a twirl,
Cause I like the boys and chase them so much.
But it never stops me from loving you,
Even when you have to spank me just a bit;
To keep me in line....  you really do,
You're the best mama and I'd never switch.

Mama this is Melvin nicknamed Doodie.
You are such a good mama and love us so.
Making our clothes and cooking great meals,
Always have breakfast ready before it's time to go.
I don't understand how you do so much,
And still have time to sing and play games.
Jesus Loves Me, this I know, reading the Bible too.
If I could choose any Mama on earth it'd be you still the same.


Papa is proud you gave him a son at last,
So you gave me his name to carry it on.
Everybody calls me Jr. now what you thing about that?
I'm the youngest and will be the last to leave home.
Mama you're the best ma a boy's ever had
You're so patient, and kind with having six youngins.
We all try to be good, but sometimes we're bad,
But bad or good, you love to see us coming.

Happy Mama's Day from the six of us
We love you

P.S. We are all now with Jesus, resting in His arms,
and celebrate love with our Heavenly Father together.

© Shy
May 4, 2007

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