There are some tender times
When I need to unfold
How it is in my heart
To express all the feelings that I hold

So, I sit with my pen
And let the words softly flow
With tenderness
Hoping somehow you will know

I find you most often come to mind
In those little frequent moments
And I wish that I could speak
But, I think you will know just what is meant

You are one I don't need to tell all
For already you understand my heart
So much of what I ponder
You are there as a major part

So I send this as a little token
To thank you for a love so real
Friendship that reaches out to me
Knowing how I feel

A love that tells me
I am not alone
For you come from the heart of God
Where I can be at home

Thank you, is a word so often used
Yet, it is the only one that is true
To tell God and you, how very glad I am
He gave me a friend like you

Soft Whispers from
Derry's Heart Poems © 2006
Ecclesiastes 4: 9~10

Two are better than one; because they
they have a good reward for their labour.







Song "First Time Ever I saw Your Face"  Courtesy of © Ginger Haydon

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