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 My years are now in my 60's and my Dad has departed this earth nearly
thirty-two years ago. I still think of him often, especially since I am the
same age now that he was when he passed away.

I loved my Dad very dearly even though we didn't always see eye to eye.
I was always glad to know that he chose to keep me after my
birth-Mom abandoned me.

My Dad went to serve in World War II while I was only 6 months old.
My Paternal Grandparents and various Aunts and Uncles helped care for
me until he returned.

I was given a new Step-Mom at nearly five years of age and I recall of sitting
quietly as my Dad and his new lady exchanged bright shiny gold rings and said
a bunch of words that I did not understand.

My new Step-Mom and Dad were dressed so nice and everyone was
smiling. I recall it being a festive occasion with a home made cake and
several relatives standing and sitting in my Grandparent's living room.

As I grew older, I often noticed the gold ring on Daddy's finger that
he never removed for any reason and I think back to a black wallet he always
carried with his important cards inside the picture area. That wallet was
so terribly worn thin from so many years of use but I recall he always wanted
a little zippered change section on one side.

As my Dad reached his 60's he became somewhat frail. He took me to
the attic one day and gave me several things that had been in his family
many years. A beautiful violin in near perfect condition that was played
by my Paternal Grandfather and my Dad's Older Brother, Ed.
An antique typewriter by Royal that typed in black or red, two formal
pictures of his family and various medals that he had earned in the war.

After being notified of my Dad's passing, I asked my Step-Mom if I
could have the things in the attic that were given to me and was denied
them. I was told when she passed I could collect them. I sadly honored this.

Many years later my Step-Mom passed and I asked her executor if
I might have the items I was promised. I was told everything was either
sold or given to various family members of my Step-Mom.

I was very angry and bitter for years and finally I realized that only
hurt me and did nothing to honor My Lord Jesus. I asked the executrix
to look carefully through things to see if there were any pictures.
Only a few snapshots of my Dad and me as a little baby and child.

I gave my heart to Jesus many years ago but could never seem to
overcome the many devastating hurts. One day I read a devotional online
from The Power Of Prayers Site and Jesus used it mightily to show
me my attitude was not correct. At that moment I confessed
and repented my attitude.

Three days later a large box arrived at my home and as I opened it,
I found myself crying for there was my Dad's original worn out wallet
complete with 2 pictures of his Grandchildren still inside along with his
important cards, a green patina on the little zippered change compartment,
several pictures of my Grandparents, and my Dad's honorable discharge
from the Army. I then saw the tiny white pouch what folded up like a
one inch leather-like envelope.

I cautiously opened it and found his gold wedding band tucked inside.
I recalled immediately of their wedding as they exchanged the rings from
little white pouches.

I wept as a baby and was overjoyed to receive such a
'Precious Gift Of Memories.'
I honestly believe my Jesus waited until I could let go of the hurt and get
a Godly attitude about it all before he allowed me this special gift.

I now wear my Daddy's ring on a beautiful gold chain around my neck in
memory of a man that loved me and provided for me for 18 years.
Thank You Daddy and I Love You.

©Ann Marie Fisher
September 2010




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