As another Mother's Day arrives I can't help but feel a profound ache
deep in my body and mind. My Dad and Birth Mom (Marie) parted when
I was a baby. I never knew my Mom until I was a married lady.
I knew of her existence but had not actually met her face to face.

Being reared by my Dad's folks, I often wondered about what would
make a Mother leave her child. I was not a Mother yet, but the thought
of leaving a child of my very own made me feel heart sick.

As I grew older, my Step Mom pulled away from me, and I then felt able
to search for my Birth Mother. I realized later that God worked it out
that way for I never would have tried to find my Mother out of a sense
of loyalty to my Step-Mom.

I did locate my Mom and she and I had M-A-N-Y long talks by phone.
I began to understand the situation in which she found herself and a
bond began forming between us

We met face to face and seeing my own Mother puddle up in tears really
touched me. We embraced and tears flowed both ways. As we got better
acquainted I found myself wanting to hear her voice often and to see her
as well. Since my husband and I lived in Pa. and my Mom lived in
Maryland, it was not possible to visit often.

We met by phone near Thanksgiving and when Christmas rolled around,
the phone rang shrilly at near 5:00 A. M. My Mom had started a tradition
with me, every birthday, anniversary or holiday she would take great
delight in waking me to wish me a Happy Whatever.

When I asked her not to call so early, she replied, "But Honey, I wanted
to be the first one to speak to you that day." After being separated
all of those years, I decided it was worth the loss of a little sleep.

God gave me 10 years of having her awaken me with a cheery voice on
every important occasion and I began looking forward to the ringing
of that phone before the chickens had gotten up.

My last visit to her, I noticed she was really losing ground health wise,
and as I put my arm around her shoulder, I felt her hand reach up and
touch mine. I asked if I could do anything for her and she smiled
weakly and said," No Honey" I have all I need for now but I will call
you if I need anything.

One extremely early morning my beloved Mother called me out of bed
and I didn't know it then but she was saying 'Good-Bye' I witnessed
to her about God's free gift of eternal life and she told me she had
just done that. I was beyond elated. We spoke a few more minutes
and hung up.

My Mother who had just found Jesus as her Lord and Savior, laid
back on her recliner and 30 minutes later she was in the presence
of Jesus Christ her Lord And Master.

That was the most sad yet beautiful call I could have ever received..
to know that my Momma was now home , safe and sound and that
some sweet day I will see her again but she won't have to speak
by phone then.

I must selfishly admit those early morning calls and her precious
voice is still missed. Have a Happy Mothers Day with Jesus Mom.

Ann Marie Fisher
April 2008

Picture of my Mom below, she was sick at the time it was took.




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