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Grandma's Family Picnic



Pennsylvania summers were so delightful to a young girl like me.
I could scarcely wait for school to be out for the summer months
and all of my playmates spoke of having fun.

My family played host to my Step-Mothers nephew Johnny, for
most of the summer every year. Johnny and I grew up like brother
and sister, sharing toys, playmates and special family get-togethers.
In mid-summer, we always had a Family Picnic at Grandma's.

The various Aunts, Uncles, Cousins and of course Grandma was
there, for a rollicking good time, complete with more food then
I had ever seen at one time.

Everyone brought food that was their specialty. My Step-Mom
always made home-made bread and as she unwrapped it from the
waxed paper, the scent was nearly as intoxicating as it was when
first removed from the oven.

Hot dogs placed on a long thin twig to cook over an open bon-fire
has never tasted so good as at the picnic at Grandma's house.
The smell of baked beans simmered with ketchup, molasses and
loaded with bacon settled over you like a fog.

The deviled eggs, potato salad, home-made pickles, freshly baked
pies and cake were waiting on a large plank like table for hearty
appetites like ours. There was a very large metal wash tub loaded
with every flavor of soft drinks one could imagine. This was kept
cold with chunks of ice brought from a local ice house for there
were no such things as ice makers or store bought bags of ice
in those days.

As evening shadows fell, the embers of the dying fire gave off a
soft glow and the sounds of night insects and croaking frogs did
abound. It was then that we put up folding chairs and all joined
in to play, "Musical Chairs" while Grandma would be banging on
a metal pan as we all tried to find a chair before
the banging stopped.

Laughter and giggles came from everyone as we enjoyed the
ending of the family picnic. I can still see the happy glow on
the faces there and feel the soft breezes mingled with the scent
of burnt wood.

Oh to be able to return once more to that idealistic time when
we all joined hearts and food at Grandma's Family Picnic
in the woods, in Newport, Pa.

Ann Marie Fisher
April 2007©


Psalm 21: 13

Be thou exalted, Lord, in thine own strength:
so will we sing and praise thy power.





Composition "Too Near Yet So Far"

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