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Memories Of

My Grandma


 I was blessed with a wonderful Grandma that always had a smile
on her face and more patience then I have ever known anyone to
have. She had a somewhat stocky frame and a short stature.
My Grandma was the Mother of fifteen children and
 had untold grandchildren.

I loved going to her house because she lived in the country and had
chickens scattered everywhere. One of my favorite things was going
into the hen house and gathering freshly laid eggs .

My folks used to drive the one and one half hour drive to Grandma's
house approximately every two months and we were always warmly
greeted by her and several of the Aunt's, Uncles and cousins who
lived nearby in the Newport, Pa. area.

Grandma would prepare a meal for everyone on an old-fashioned
cook stove and in the Fall and Winter months, the scent of the
wood burning in the stove and the delicious smells emanating
from her cooking were enough to make even a young girl like
me, want to stay forever.

As a Mother, she would always make sure her husband and children
were fed first and whatever was left over, that is what she would
eat. It was Grandma's loving nature to always put everyone's
needs before her own needs were met. I can still see her standing
away from the table, beside the cook stove, watchfully making sure
everyone had enough food. She always had a long apron that went
over her head like a collar and extended the length of her dress.

In the summer time, Grandma would let me play outdoors and run
all around inside the big barn that was starting to sag in places
from age and not enough money for repairs. Oh how I loved that
farm and surrounding areas. One never ran out of ideas to play
"pretend" at her home.

I was her only Step-Grandchild, but she never treated me any
different from all the other children. As I aged and later married,
I used to send her a bouquet of flowers every Valentines Day,
just to let her know I dearly loved her. I was told by her youngest
Daughter that she would look forward to "her bouquet" every
February and I received pictures of her smiling, with her
flowers by her side.

Grandma is with Jesus now and I am grateful that I was blessed
with such a wonderful lady to love and I will cherish her
memory for as long as I live.

Ann Marie Fisher
© March, 2007

Scripture Psalm 143: 5
I remember the days of old; I meditate on all thy works;
I muse on the work of thy hands.



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