Ohhhhhh, look at the brightness
There is beauty everywhere
Here is my Jesus, standing there
His Arms opened wide as I step near His Side

His Hand holding mine like a little child
This is where you will live permanently
No more sorrow, no more pain

This is the reward that you have gained
Oh loving Father, I'm glad that
There is such peace here in this place
All because of mercy and grace

I fully understand the term Easter now
The resurrection has new meaning for me
I see the scars on Jesus Hands and Feet
He paid the ultimate price, my soul He will keep

In Memory Of Frances--Sister of Shirley Barr

Ann Marie Fisher
©March 13, 2008









Oh Lord, You are beautiful
and Your face is all I see
and when Your eyes are on this child
Your grace abounds to me

Song "Oh Lord You're Beautiful" Courtesy of Praise and Worship Midis

Webmistress Melva

©Silver and Gold and Thee 2004