My Sweet Siggy,

My Lord blessed me yesterday in such a sweet way and I am
still smiling. I took my wedding rings and two pinky rings off
and laid them on the dresser at the motel where we were staying
when I went to see the Dr.

My fingers were a little swollen and by morning they were
fine. I grabbed the rings and put them on, and at the time I
didn't realize one was missing. It was a solitaire diamond in
a high tiffany setting. I had gathered up some things and
put them in a plastic bag and I must have accidentally
gathered that ring up as well.

When I got home and realized the ring was not on my finger,
my heart sank for it was the first little diamond that my
husband had bought me. It is not a real costly ring but it was
worth millions to me in sentiment.

I decided not to tell my husband for he had enough on his
mind. I just let the Lord know that it was gone and if possible
would He let me get it back. Even as I prayed, I thought..
IT WON'T HAPPEN. ( Oh ye of little faith.)

I was going to empty one of my little bags that had hair
clips in it and my eye caught this shiny little gold colored
object. I dumped that bag of stuff out and there was
my ring!

I tell you Girl, I nearly had a shouting fit. I was so happy
and I just thanked my Jesus over and over again. Somehow
that ring looked shinier than I ever saw it, and it just
reminded me of the love I felt when my husband first gave
it to me.

Back then, that ring looked like a real Rock to me but over
the years it seemed so small in comparison to a newer one
that was given. But you know Siggy, that ring looks mighty
big tonight because it was given by a man with a big heart
and re-given by a God with a wonderful loving heart.
The Great ~ I AM .

God is sooooooo good to me, how could I not praise Him
for his kindness in all
He has given me--even my very life!

Loving you so much Darling Siggy.
May '08



Song: "Showers of Blessings" Courtesy of Margie Harrell


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