My summer of '47 began as only a happy 5 year old girl could
hope for. Having a new Mommy and my folks buying a hugh
old house to live in was an adventure to me.

I was excited and sad at the same time because I had been living
with my Paternal Grandparents and Uncle while my Dad was
serving his country. I didn't like leaving all that was familiar to me.

I learned to love our new home and the kids in the neighborhood
were wonderful playmates, but being a sentimental child even at
five years of age...I missed seeing my Grandparents and Uncle Harry.

There was an old steam train complete with "cow catcher" on the
front of it's engine that made a run every day at the edge of our
little town and returned later that evening. It ran on a narrow
or single gauge railroad track and the name of that train was
"Old Broad Top."

My Mom and I would walk about one mile to a clearing in order
to board the train. We could hear the sharp whistle of the
approaching train and see the white steam coming from the
smoke stack. My Mom would wave a piece of white cloth until
we heard the familiar sound of breaks being applied.

This meant we were seen and the train would stop for any
passengers wanting to board. As the train made its rhythmic
clickety-clack sound I sat on my knees and watched diligently
at the scenery passing by the window.

The train track ran close to the back yard of my Uncle Harry's
home and as we approached, I noticed my Uncle Harry was in
his yard.

Suddenly, with all the GUSTO and shrillness of a five year old,
I let out a scream of, " HI UNCLE HARRY, IT'S ME !!! Needless
to say, he couldn't hear but everyone on that train fell silent for
a second and then realizing what had taken place, there was a
train filled with gentle laughter from fellow passengers and an
embarrassed and apologetic Mom with her hand over my mouth.

I was heart broken that my beloved Uncle didn't see or hear me
but as we dis-embarked at the little train station, the conductor
handed me a candy bar, winked at me and tousled my hair.
Immediately my world became happy once again.

I am grateful to have lived in a slower paced time with a whole
summer of adventures awaiting me.

Ann Marie Fisher
February 16, 2008



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Railroad Crossing - Stop Look and Listen


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