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1940 was a tumultuous time, a time of war. Our Mother, a young teen
caught up in those times of uncertainty, found herself with a toddler
named Jenny and another child on the way.

There was a scarcity of food and provisions everywhere, but Winter
in Central Pa. was particularly cold and our Mother was not happy
with the news of her pregnancy. Upon my birth, my Dad and Mother
separated.. With me being cared for by my Paternal relatives and my
Sister stayed with our Mom.

My Dad was called to serve his country in World War II and I was
not re-acquainted with him until I was four years old and I was also
given a Step-Mother that Spring. I was so very happy to have a
Mommy and a Daddy. I adored my new Mommy and she taught me
many things as I grew up.

I learned the value of hard work and to be thankful for anything that
one was given. As the years rolled along, my Step-Mom began to
distance herself from me somewhat and I being a teen-ager by then
had come to realize I had a Mother and a Sister somewhere.

I began to wonder, did I look like them, were our mannerisms similar,
does my Birth Mom love me, what is my Sister like? All questions
with no answers.

After marriage, two children, and coming to know Jesus Christ
as my personal Savior, and sadly my Step-Mom's pulling completely
away from me for reasons known only to God, I decided to try to
locate my birth Mom and Sister. I prayed to God to let me find
them and tell them of my love and God's.

Many years passed and on November 12, 1988. I located them. It
was a time of great happiness to me as I became nearly inseparable
with my Sister. That year was one of the most wonderful
Thanksgiving times I ever had. I saw God answer my prayer for a
Sister that as a little girl, I had dreamed of having. Jenny and I
wrote l-o-n-g letters and had phone calls frequently to try catching
up with each others lives.

My family and I traveled to meet my Birth Mom and Sister. What
a fabulous meeting. My Daughters favored my Sisters children in
various ways, I saw the familiar sight of my Mothers face for I had
seen it in a mirror as I grew up. I was a look-alike of her. I felt
my Mothers arms circle me for the first time and a tender kiss
placed on my face. I heard the words, I love you Honey ... words I
had yearned to hear for years.

I heard the words of I am sorry, I was wrong and I gladly forgave
what I took as not being loved by her. In Christ Jesus, forgiveness
is always a blessing and holding a grudge against anyone
benefits no one.

My Sister is an extension of me, we walk alike, laugh heartily, love
the same color of bright candy apple red, and best of all I was given
the honor of leading my Sister to Jesus for Salvation several years
after I met her.

Our Mother also came to know Jesus as Lord shortly before her
death. Now, she is home with Him and at this most wonderful time of
year, I am indeed thankful for that special Thanksgiving gift of
finding my family and knowing I am loved and seeing God answer
my prayer. Praise and Thanks be to God for all blessings given.

Ann Marie Fisher
© November 10, 2007









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